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Us Now

12 December 2008 | View comments
Damien Austin-Walker

On Wednesday night I saw Us Now, a film directed by Ivo Gormley. It was the second of 2 screenings in London. and hosted by NESTA in the Prince Charles Cinema (the other was last week at the RSA).

The film is "about the power of mass collaboration, government and the internet". It looked at how the social web has created collaboration and participation models that are changing the way we organize and run our lives, and asked if these could eventually replace our current model of representive politics.

I think many of the ideas in the film must have been common parlance to most of the (already converted) in attendance but the way they were presented using local and simple examples should hopefully open up the concepts to a wider audience.

I'm still trying to work our my stance on the grander possibilities touted but from all the blog posts I've read so far I think this one makes some interesting points.  There are links to further blog reviews here.

I've put the intro to the film below and there are also rushes available on the Us Now website

One point made in the film by Clay Shirky I do think was very important: it was that the types of participation, reputation and connection have always been inherent in human society and it's the 20th century that has been the anomaly, we are simply finding new tools that allow us to reclaim these behaviours in todays much larger and impersonal world.

Hopefully, true to it's subject matter, the whole finished film will be put online. If you do get a chance to see it in the meantime it's certainly something worth seeing.

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