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Thoughts on 140conf

18 November 2009 | View comments
Damien Austin-Walker

Yesterday I attended 140conf which was held at Indigo in the O2 London.

It was an interesting day. Although it did get a bit ‘broadcast’ and boring in the middle of the day, what made it worthwile was the morning with Stephen Fry talking about Twitter, Technology and Being Human beings and the last few sessions on Education, E-democracy, Racism and the talk by Vikki Chowney. Not to mention a short interlude of singing by Professor Kyra Gaunt which was both beautiful and woke us all up.

I won’t mention the lack of WiFi, real coffee (£2 for a cup of instant) or food (oh I just did) as I am sure that was just an unfortunate muck up that the organizers will be berating themselves enough already for.

Here are two videos I took of Stephen Fry’s talk and Daren Forsyth’s ‘hotdog-onion-subterranean-homesick-blues mash-up’

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