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Social Media Camp London

5 October 2008 | View comments
Damien Austin-Walker

I had such a great day yesterday at smclondon08 that I decided it a suitable subject for my first 'grown-up' blog post.  The sessions I attended were spot on, I especially enjoyed @rohan_london and his 'Digital Yoga - the new religion of the web', looking forward to seeing more thinking (and contemplation?) from this man Girl with the one track mind's session entitiled "Social Media - How not to get f***ed" was well attended as expected and lively and interesting conversations ensued, I recorded the full 40 mins with my flip camera,  I should have got closer, the sound is not bad but Lloyd Davis had a point when in his session he bemoaned the lack of external mic support on many devices so it's great that he's posted this hack for the N95  I am going to try later and see if I can do a similar thing with the TV-out on the Flip. 


Shame I missed the Social Media Buzzword bingo, it was certainly buzzing, we could hear the cries go up from from Alison Coward's session in the room above - I intend to blog about her great ideas and understanding of the colaborative process and 'Ideas into action' once I've had time to digest and get my head round it all. 

Many thanks to all those who attended my session 'Scrumping 2.0' and enthusiastically contributed some great ideas.  You can see my presentation here - I'll be collating some of the stuff from the session in a later post.  I don't think Lloyd Davis actually expected it to be about apples, but was honoured to see him there anyhows.

I don't want to bite off too much so will stop here, thanks to @anniemole for her session on blogging which I will credit with giving me the final inspirational push to actually write this.



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