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Right of way?

11 March 2009 | View comments
Damien Austin-Walker

I walk to school every morning with my six year old on his bike. On the road the school is on nearly every house has ripped up it’s front garden and replaced with a concreted drive, every two metres you have to cross one. This has replaced over 50% of pavement with a car-way.

Less than two weeks ago a car reversed out of it’s drive without looking and backed into us, as the rear bumper touched my knee and my child’s bike I (very gently) tapped on the rear windscreen to alert to our presence. The car did stop but then the window came down and an respectable looking woman (whatever one looks like) and her (18-20 year old) son in the car bombarded me with foul mouthed abuse.

It astounded me that they clearly believed that we should have been looking out for them but not them for us and that they had the right of way driving across the pavement. The language they used in front of my child astounded me further. I only wish since that I had been quicker off the draw with the flip camera in my pocket and actually captured their behaviour.

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