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Not allowed to film your own

5 April 2009 | View comments
Damien Austin-Walker

Last Tuesday I attended the Lambeth Schools Music Festival at the Royal Festival Hall to hear my son sing as part of the Infant Schools Choir.

I manged to get this clip before being told I ‘wasn’t allowed to film’ by festival hall staff as were many other parents with their mobile phones and cameras in the audience. I would have just kept this for family viewing if I hadn’t been told I was not allowed to film.

Not being able to film I ‘bootlegged’ the concert audio instead. I’ve put my son’s favourite song ‘Lost in space’ below.

I don’t know why proud parents in the audience were approached by festival hall staff and told they were not allowed to film. I was only slightly surprised as I have witnessed this before at other concerts or gigs I have attended there, though on those occasions I presumed it was due to the artists wishing to protect their copyright or something. I can’t see this being the case at a free concert by schoolchildren attended mainly by their parents. Some misguided fear over children being filmed maybe? You can see from the clip I managed to take that you can’t make out any actual children using a flip or mobile phone camera from that distance. And what if you could?

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