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Mini Richard Bransons (Digitally aware Homunculi shall power my streams)

18 May 2011 | View comments
Damien Austin-Walker

I went to a conference today named The National Customer Show. It was interesting. Everyone was wearing a suit. I was in the social media stream of workshops, and no-one was tweeting. These excursions from my usual environment were not an issue and there were some good presentations. They were pitched at corporate (I met one Public sector guy) customer service professionals so it was good to get a view from outside the funky startup and not for profit worlds.

As well as the very nice Salesforce pens, fancy post-its and big handful of chocolates that I stuffed in my delegate bag, the best thing I took from the day was something the guy from Virgin Media Business said about the people you need to choose to run your social media ‘channels’:

“Your very best people. They need empathy. They need to live the brand, be almost like mini Richard Branson’s”*

Love it, he’s spot on. And the image conjured is enduring. I now visualise their social streams being powered by teams of tiny Richard Branson clones, tapping and tweeting away.

If I ever run my own company I shall clone a gaggle of mini-me. These digitally aware Homunculi shall power my streams.

*I may paraphase here

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