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Gamify This!

14 March 2013 | View comments
Damien Austin-Walker

Yesterday evening was the 18th NFPtweetup. The topic was Gamification. I enjoyed taking part in a panel discussion with Andy Hamflett from SpringGiving, Ed Cervantes-Watson, Senior Innovation Delivery Manager at CRUK and David Whitney - Technical Architect at JustGiving.

Ed also presented the results and insights from CRUK’s #dryathalon app. I did the following presentation looking at a few other examples of gamification in action, with the aim of sparking a few ideas, and asking the question: are they actually gamification and does it really matter if they are or what you call it?


The results from the vote on what NFPtweetupers thought of gamification are as follows

Hyped up tosh: 8

It’s just application and user experience design innit: 9

Useful mechanic for driving behaviour: 18

However two people voted for two options and three voted for all three.

The prize goes to those that voted for all three. @rachelbeer, @bronte_m and @jon_bedford - your badges are in the post.

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