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About me

I work for a youth volunteering charity. I am passionate about social media for social good, and having some fun in the process.

If you are wondering about the beegod…

The picture of a bee faced shaman comes from rock paintings in the Tassili-n-Ajjer Plateau in southern Algeria - representing a pre-historic age of partnership and social balance. I believe we can learn much from how tribal, maternal and other ancient societies were organized and run.

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About Bees

A few interesting things I found

  • Poets and writers such as Virgil, Sophocles, and Plato were associated with the bee. Some say infants whose lips were touched by bees would become great speakers, poets, storytellers, and philosophers.

  • Pan, the Greek god of Nature was a beekeeper and protector of bees.

  • Bees form a complex community where they all work together for the greater social good.